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refined, calm, respectful

versatile, understanding, trustworthy

inquisitive, farsighted, witty

professional, reliable, confident

bungee jumping, telepathy

As a creative person, I draw my inspiration from many sources. One of my biggest sources of inspiration is the city of Berlin, which is known for its cultural diversity and artistic scene. The city’s streets and buildings have their own charm and I always find new motifs and ideas when I stroll through the streets. The many museums and galleries also offer endless opportunities for inspiration.
Another important part of my creative source is my origin from Italy, more precisely from the region of Lake Garda. The picturesque landscapes, the Mediterranean climate and the rich culture of the region have influenced me from an early age. I am fascinated by the beauty of nature and the diversity of colours and shapes and use this to unleash my creative energy.
In the combination of both sources I find my very own creative voice. Berlin gives me the inspiration to put my ideas into action and the Italian culture allows me to shape my ideas with a touch of lightness and elegance. This is how unique ideas and creative projects are born.