Berliner Frauenbund 1945 e.V.

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The Berliner-Frauenbund 1945 e.V. is one of the oldest women’s organisations in Germany. Founded immediately after the Second World War, the organisation aims to promote the rights and empowerment of women in Berlin. Here is a brief overview of the history, activities and significance of the Berliner-Frauenbund 1945 e.V.

History and origins
Founded in 1945, the Berliner-Frauenbund 1945 e.V. played an important role in the post-war period and beyond. The founders were determined to represent the interests of women in a time of reconstruction and change.

Multifaceted commitment
Today, the organisation is active in various areas:

Women’s education: seminars and courses are offered to promote women’s education and personal development.
Women’s rights: The association continues to campaign for equality and women’s rights, including in the fight against violence and discrimination.
Culture and social affairs: Promotion of cultural activities for women and support for social projects.
Importance for women in Berlin
The Berliner Frauenbund 1945 e.V. is an important platform for information, education and social support. The organisation strengthens women’s rights and promotes gender equality in Berlin. With its long history and wide range of activities, the organisation remains indispensable for women in the capital.

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