Web design & graphic design

As a web designer, I had the great pleasure of designing the website of the Italian restaurant Bisù. From my first visit to the restaurant, I was captivated by the atmosphere and charm of the place. This absolutely had to be reflected in the design of the website.


One of the most important decisions was the choice of colour palette. We chose a combination of terracotta and creamy white to emphasise the cosiness of the restaurant. These colours fit perfectly with the rustic charm of the place and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Another focus was on the simplicity and order of the site. We wanted to make sure that visitors to the site had a clear idea of the restaurant and what it had to offer. Therefore, we opted for a simple but effective navigation that makes it easy for users to explore the different sections of the website.


The visibility of the photos on the page was also particularly important to us. After all, visuals are an important part of the experience when visiting a restaurant. To achieve this, we connected the website directly to the restaurant’s Instagram account. This way, Bisù can present its latest pictures and offers directly on the website.


The fact that Bisù sells tapas, or little things, was another important element in the design of the website. The name Bisù means little things in Italian, so we wanted to make sure that visitors to the site immediately understand what the restaurant offers. This was also achieved through the clear navigation and the emphasis on tapas on the page.


Overall, I am very proud of the result of the website and am convinced that it will help Bisù attract new customers and showcase its unique atmosphere and offerings.