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When Italians talk about themselves, they often resort, even relative to the critical period of the Fascist Ventennio, to the vague undifferentiated category “Italians good people.” This exhibition highlights those Italians who, in the period 1943-1945, were part of the German SS as perpetrators/executors and who certainly did not fit that cliché.  The first part concerns the Italian SS Legion, the second the Italians in the German Waffen SS, and the third, on the example of the human story of the partisan Italian/Slovenian Riccardo Goruppi, the deportation of opponents and civilians to the Third Reich. Goruppi arrested and interrogated in the central command of the German SS security police, SD in Trieste, in which there were also Italian SS soldiers, he was deported to Germany’s KZs Dachau and Leonberg.


The association “Carlo Levi/Filef, Berlin” has long been delving into the interaction between Italian fascism and German National Socialism and proposes to the publicthis little-known topic, giving a boost to the discussion of fascism in Italy with new documents and facts. In Germany then little is known about the “Italians in the SS.”