image to life and tell a story

The image is a simple but powerful

After Effects

As a motion designer, I am passionate about using my creativity and the power of After Effects to bring an image to life and tell a story. A recent image I animated using After Effects shows a flame and a lighter.



The image is a simple but powerful subject that, with the right animation, becomes a memorable experience. With After Effects, I was able to bring the flame to life and make it look like the real thing. The bright colours and flowing movements create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.



After Effects offers countless possibilities to create and design an animation. The software allows one to control every detail to create a perfect animation. However, creativity is the key to a successful animation.



You have to have the ability to visualise and realise your ideas and imagination. Without creativity, After Effects is worth nothing. It is the combination of the power of After Effects and your own creativity that creates a memorable animation.



The animation of the flame image is simple yet effective. The movements of the flame are subtle and realistic. The colours are vibrant and appealing. The animation is designed to draw the viewer’s eyes to the essentials and appeal to the emotions.



So if you need an animation that presents your message or product in a unique and engaging way, don’t hesitate to contact me as a motion designer. With the power of After Effects and my creativity, I will create an animation that will excite and fascinate your viewers.