Come votare

Come votare

As a motion designer, I’m always looking for new challenges to tackle with my skills and abilities. One such challenge was to create an animation that shows how to vote by absentee ballot as an Italian living abroad.

The idea for this animation came from the need to explain a complicated procedure in simple and understandable steps. The voting procedure for Italians abroad can be confusing, as it requires a series of steps to cast a valid vote. However, I wanted to make sure that anyone who has to go through this procedure can understand it without any problems or confusion.

To achieve this, I decided to create an animation. I chose After Effects because it is a powerful software that gives many options to create an engaging and informative animation. After Effects allows us to combine and animate different elements such as text, graphics, images and animation to create a dynamic and engaging presentation.

Creating the animation was a long process that required many steps. I started by breaking down the steps of the election process into simple and easy to understand steps. Then I created storyboards to define the structure and flow of the animation.

Next, I created the visual elements of the animation, including graphics, images and animation. I wanted to make sure that each step of the election process was visually represented to make it easier to understand.

Finally, I added some sound effects and music to the animation to create an engaging and informative presentation. I opted for a combination of music and sound effects to focus viewers on the important information and motivate them to go through the process.
The result was an animation that explains the voting process for Italians abroad in a simple and understandable way. The animation is an example of how we can explain a complicated procedure in simple steps.

I am delighted to have created a video that can help simplify and improve the voting process for Italians abroad.

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